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Basics of Mortgage Amortization

August 10, 2015

What is mortgage amortization and how does it work? Find out in our blog post on the Basics of Mortgage Amortization.

What is the Obama Mortgage?

July 22, 2015

Learn how Obama Mortgages enables home owners to refinance their home loans with better refinance rates.

Common Closing Delays

July 9, 2015

Understand the common home loan closing delays, including trouble financing the mortgage loan itself, so you can anticipate problems.

Why Rents Keep Rising

July 1, 2015

Certain market conditions cause rental rates to increase. Find out why rents in the U.S. are continuing to go up in our latest blog post.

Housing Affordability Increasing

June 28, 2015

Housing affordability is on the rise, which could entice more renters to become homeowners in the near future. Read more on our blog.